Expert Adult and Pediatric ENT Treatment in Lancaster, PA

Poor hearing or other ENT problems aren't just a nuisance; they can also significantly affect speech, balance, and several other important everyday activities. If you or a member of your family is finding that your health is compromised by an ENT issue, prompt auditory testing, diagnosis and treatment are essential – in many cases, the right treatment or other ENT intervention can resolve the problem. We are a well-established practice that provides a range of treatments for ear, nose and throat problems as well as a comprehensive hearing care service.

Nose, Ear, and Throat Specialist Available Now

ENT impairment can occur for a number of different reasons, each of which requires a different response. The treatment for chronic ear infections, for example, is likely to be significantly different to that required when hearing implant solutions, thyroid surgery or sinus surgery is the answer. Our practice includes ENT specialists as well as audiologists. Rather than having to undertake a number of visits to different experts, you can see several specialists in a variety of disciplines who work as a team.

Newborn Hearing Screening and Much More

Hearing loss or other ENT abnormalities in children can have particularly severe effects, particularly if it's not picked up early. Speech may be markedly delayed or impeded if a hearing is impaired, leading to delays in development. In some cases, children can fall behind academically and encounter major problems in socializing. Our pediatric professionals are specifically trained in helping younger patients who have experienced hearing loss or other distressing symptoms. From pediatric surgery to pediatric hearing aids to ear wax removal, our team can provide a suitable solution.

Lancaster Based Otolaryngology Physicians

Our team is dedicated to providing advanced patient care that aims to provide a successful solution to a wide range of ENT problems. Patients using us benefit from a wide range of services, including thyroid biopsy testing, hearing devices and much more. To find out more about how we can help, or to book an appointment, call us now at (717) 394-5088.