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Should you arrange for hearing testing?

Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster are accepting new patients in our Ephrata and Lancaster offices. Our board-certified ear, nose, and throat physicians can arrange hearing testing and, if needed, hearing care service options can be investigated.

Ephrata and Lancaster, PA Hearing Care Service

ENT physicians can help those suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ongoing ear infections, noticeable hearing loss, balance and dizziness issues, and can investigate solutions for those experiencing chronic ear infections.

We serve patients of all ages and our OPL audiology team are well-equipped to evaluate your condition and then make recommendations based on your unique circumstances. Make an appointment today to learn more about options and hearing testing so that we can help investigate potential hearing solutions, Solutions to your hearing issues may include procedures, hearing devices, and other options.

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Should you book an appointment with one of our ENT physicians or audiologists? If you’re listening to the television at a louder volume, if you regularly have to have people repeat themselves, if you’re experiencing periodic hearing loss, ringing in the ears, plugged ears, ear discomfort, we can schedule an appointment for you to see one of our ENT specialists and have a diagnostic hearing test. Hearing care service can include medication, quick procedures, surgical intervention or hearing devices. At OPL, we can review all of your options.

Contact OPL today for an evaluation and consultation. We have Ephrata, PA and Lancaster, PA hearing centers and a team of caring and experienced professionals who are ready to help.

Hearing Loss Treatment

The best way to prevent hearing loss is to protect your hearing now. OPL offers a full line of products to protect your ears from water or noise. Custom products for musicians, hunters and motorcycle riders are available. Contact us to find out more.

Hearing Loss Prevention Product
Hearing Loss Prevention Product

Are you suffering from ringing (or some other constant type of noise) in your ears commonly referred to as tinnitus? Just know that you are not alone. There are actually an estimated 50 million Americans who experience tinnitus. Are you tired of being told there is nothing you can do about it? While there is no known cure for tinnitus yet, there are many treatment options available to help you understand your tinnitus better and provide relief.

Contact OPL to schedule an appointment with our specialists.

Tinnitus Treatment

Chronic ear infections can affect adults as well as children. Pain, drainage from the ears, and a decrease in hearing are common signs of an ear infection. If they happen often, it might be time to make an appointment with our specialists, who can evaluate your situation and offer a number of treatment options.

Eustachian Tube disorder is often indicated by chronic middle ear infections (especially in children) or a feeling of fullness in the ear of adult patients. Medication and/or surgery may be indicated.

Do you have problems with dizziness? Are balance problems an issue for you? Your inner ear and semicircular canals play a vital role in helping you keep your balance. Our ENT physicians are trained to treat these vestibular problems. Plus, our audiologists can provide information with audio and VNG testing.

Cerumen or ear wax can be a major problem for some people, especially as they get older or if they wear hearing aids. It can decrease hearing and can cause problems with hearing aids. OPL sees many patients on a routine basis to prevent ear wax impaction.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or have been referred to us by your family physician, the first step is to contact us to setup a consultation.

We'll perform a complete examination, evaluate your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan specific for your needs.