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Is your child experiencing chronic ear infections or sore throats? Do you suspect a hearing problem or is their speech delayed? Our board certified pediatric ENT physicians can help.

While we treat people of all ages for conditions of the ear, nose and throat, we understand the unique needs of children. That's why we offer a variety of treatment options specifically suited to treating ear, nose and throat conditions in children.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to evaluate your child and explore treatment options for common conditions including:

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Chronic ear infections and/or fluid in the ear are a common reason children are referred to our practice. This can lead to hearing loss or behavior and speech problems if not treated.

One of the most common treatment options for this condition is ear tubes, which are tiny cylinders placed through the ear drum. They may also be called myringotomy tubes, ventilation tubes or PE pressure equalization tubes. They are inserted in an outpatient surgical procedure under general anesthesia. The procedure usually lasts about 15 minutes and patients awaken quickly. Post-operative care includes a hearing test to ensure that hearing is improving and instructions to keep water out of the ears to prevent infection.

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Speech delays and concerns about a child's ability to hear are very common reasons that OPL sees children. An examination by our board certified physicians and special hearing tests by our audiologist will help answer questions about whether your child has a hearing problem.

Trouble breathing through the nose, snoring and poor sleep - most of us know an adult that has problems with snoring and sleep apnea, but it can be a problem with children as well. Tonsils and adenoids are common culprits causing nasal obstruction, breathing, swallowing, and sleep problems as well as recurring infections of the nose and throat.

Recurrent strep throat and tonsillitis that do not respond to antibiotics may warrant surgery to remove the tonsils.

If your child has enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids, surgical removal may be recommended. Children under the age of three are referred to a pediatric ENT surgeon.

The removal of a foreign body is another reason that children are seen by OPL ENT specialists. On occasion, peas, beans, corn or any small object imaginable may find its way into an ear or nose. While in most cases it is not an emergency, it seems that way to parents. In most cases we can retrieve the "lost" item here in the office. If not, our physician can remove it surgically.

OPL Follow-up for Newborn Hearing Screening

Prior to leaving the hospital or before your baby is 1 month old, your newborn will have a hearing screening. The results of that screening will be Pass or "Refer." Clearly, Pass is good; but what is meant by "refer?"

A "refer" on the newborn hearing screening means that your newborn needs additional testing and a medical referral to an ENT is necessary to rule out hearing loss. At OPL your infant may receive another screening (re-screen before 1 month of age) or diagnostic testing before the infant is 3 months old. Diagnostic testing will include hearing tests by various means that do not require your infant to respond. These tests can be done while your infant rests in your arms or is in a relaxed awake state. Sometimes, testing newborns can be difficult and may require several appointments to gather all the information. Additionally, the physician will do a full ears, nose, and throat examination to ensure your baby is healthy. At OPL, we send the results of all the testing to your baby's pediatrician or family doctor to ensure the best care of your newborn. If your newborn does not "pass" the hearing test and additional diagnostic testing, we will provide you with resources and information, as well as, help you investigate hearing technology that is appropriate for your infant.

Please check out these resources for more information about newborn hearing screening:

Newborn Hearing Screening

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