ENT and Hearing Loss Treatment in Ephrata, PA

If you've suffered hearing loss, getting the complete auditory testing and assessment necessary for an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment can be a challenge. Some practices may not have expert audiologists available, whereas others may have a head specialist or a throat specialist, but not a professional that has the expertise to manage hearing loss. We are an experienced ENT and hearing care service which offers a holistic treatment solution for a wide range of ear, nose and throat problems.

Hearing Implant Solutions and Pediatric Hearing Aids Available Now

We undertake a number of different tests and assessments, designed to rapidly identify the cause of the problem. Once we've established a diagnosis, our experienced team can recommend a suitable treatment regime, based on current best practices. Our well-equipped facilities include advanced diagnostic equipment and everything needed for an optimal therapeutic regime. Our team may recommend an implantable device such as a BAHA or Cochlear Implant if the patient is a suitable candidate. Both of our offices now provide pediatric hearing aid services.

Pediatric ENT Treatment That Gets Results

We know how important children's ENT health is when it comes to many aspects of their development. That's why we offer a regime of care and management that begins with newborn hearing screening and can be offered at any age subsequently. Our specialists are trained in the conditions that are most likely to affect children, enabling them to offer appropriate care for babies, toddlers and preschoolers as well as the older child.

Qualified to Recommend and Fit Hearing Devices in Ephrata, PA

Our team offers medical and surgical solutions to a wide range of ear, nose and throat problems, providing a professional, personalized service that's geared to your particular needs. Whether the solution to your symptoms requires input from a ENT specialist or it's simply a case of wax build-up, we can provide the effective intervention you're looking for. To find out more or to book an appointment, call us now at (717) 733-4891.