Nose/Sinus/Throat Specialist in Lancaster & Ephrata, PA

Are you experiencing chronic nasal congestion, sinus problems, sore throats or difficulty swallowing?

OPL's board certified physicians can help solve the problem once and for all! We are specialists in treating conditions of the nose and throat in patients of all ages and can offer a number of medical or surgical treatment options.


The nose comes in different shapes and sizes, but its important function to filter, warm and humidify the air we breathe is the same no matter what your nose looks like. We often truly do not appreciate all the nose does for us until we experience a bad cold.

A congested nose makes it hard to breathe and sleep, decreasing your energy level and your ability to function well in your day to day activities.

Why see our ENT practice for your nose?

  • A nasal fracture or broken nose resulting from facial injuries in contact sports or falls.
  • Deviated septum, a shift in the normally "straight down the middle" partition that separates the left and right sides of the nose.
  • Recurring nose bleeds, often seen in older patients on blood thinning medications.
  • Snoring
Nose/Sinus Problem

Sinus Problems

Sinuses contribute to difficulty in breathing when inflammation and infection of the sinuses cause swelling within the nose. The blockage or closure of the drainage pathways of the sinuses often leads to chronic sinus infections. ENT physicians are specially trained to differentiate between sinus disease and other causes of facial pain. Once identified, a proper course of treatment can be implemented.

Chronic Sore Throat / Mouth Pain

Chronic Sore Throat / Mouth Pain

Long lasting pain or swelling in the throat or mouth can be caused by many things. Often patients are referred by their family doctor to see an ENT specialist to determine the cause.

Other Reasons to see an ENT specialist for your throat:

  • Hoarseness and other issues with the voice
  • Difficulty swallowing

Our board certified ENT physicians are able to determine the best course of treatment for ENT problems because they are trained both in medicine and surgery. Recommendations for treatment may be either medical, surgical or a combination of both options, whichever is best for you.

Contact our office to schedule an evaluation and take the first step to solving your nose, throat and sinus problems today.