Pediatric Hearing Aids Lancaster and Ephrata, PA

Did your baby pass his/her newborn hearing screening?
- We provide follow-up.

Did your child pass his/her school hearing test?
- We provide comprehensive medical examination and full audiometric hearing testing.

Does your child have difficulty paying attention or listening?

Is your child having difficulty in school?

Any of these situations could indicate a hearing problem. It's important to address hearing difficulties as early as possible to encourage healthy development and avoid speech delays and learning difficulties.

Contact OPL to schedule a hearing evaluation for your child.

How We Help

ENT Specialists Lancaster, PA

ENT Specialists

Some hearing difficulties are caused by medical problems such as an ear infection or fluid in the ears. Our board certified ENT physicians have the tools and experience to isolate medical problems and prescribe a proper course of treatment.

Specialized Auditory Testing Lancaster, PA

Specialized Auditory Testing

Our audiologist will administer specialized hearing tests that can accurately assess your child's hearing capabilities. Test results are then evaluated by our ENT physicians and we work together to develop solutions.

Hearing Solutions Lancaster, PA

Hearing Solutions

Just as children experience hearing loss for a variety of reasons, OPL offers a variety of solutions. These solutions can include surgical options such as tubes to drain fluid from the ears or hearing aids to amplify sound. Our goal is to help your child hear better.

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We offer the most advanced technology in hearing aids from Oticon and Phonak. These are two well-known hearing aid manufacturers. We can fit hearing technology as young as 2-3 months of age up to age 18.

We offer FM devices that can bring sound, such as your voice or a teacher's voice, directly to your child's ears.

Our specialists will be happy to explain all the options available and help you make an informed decision that enables your child to hear at their very best.

Contact the specialists at OPL today to schedule a hearing evaluation for your child and pave the way for better hearing for life.

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