Avoid Unnecessary Thyroid Surgery with Improved Thyroid Biopsy Testing in Lancaster, PA

Better thyroid testing is just an office visit away. OPL is the first practice in Lancaster County to offer genetic testing to prevent unnecessary Thyroid Surgery. FNA (fine needle aspiration) testing is a simple procedure that takes just minutes and involves very little discomfort for patients.

In the past, patients with thyroid nodules would need to undergo surgery to remove all or part of their thyroid to rule out cancer, following an inconclusive biopsy result. FNA testing helps identify benign thyroid nodules without surgery. Patients with benign thyroid nodules can then be monitored and avoid thyroid surgery altogether.

How It Works

FNA testing is performed in our office using local anesthesia and ultrasound. A small needle is used to collect thyroid cells for testing. The testing only takes a few minutes and is virtually painless.

The FNA sample we collect is sent to a cytopathologist who examines the thyroid cells to determine whether they are benign or cancerous.

If the results of the test are inconclusive, your physician may order an additional thyroid panel that can be conducted using cells that were already collected from the original procedure. This additional testing involves analyzing multiple genes that have been linked to thyroid cancer and measures your risk of malignancy based on the results.

After testing is complete, your physician can provide a more informed recommendation for further treatment.

FNA testing is covered by most insurance plans and Medicare. If the procedure is not covered, your maximum out of pocket expenditure will be around $300.

Thyroid Biopsy Testing

Have questions? Want to find out if FNA might be right for you? Contact OPL for more information.